Time For A Reset

Sometimes you just need a break … a reset, if you will. I took the month of May for myself and for my family. I would list all the things that normally happen in my house and which ones ceased as of May 1, but you don’t *really* care. Just think about all the hectic things in your life and imagine doing away with all except the actually necessary obligations. I even stopped blogging for the month (and I had some great posts lined up)!

What did I do with all my newly acquired free time? I filled it up, of course! This post is all about what I actually did with extra time in the day versus what I’ve said in the past I would do with extra time if I had it.

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User Groups / Meet Ups

User groups and meetups are a great way to learn and network!

I’ve attended the Nashville .NET User Group meetings in the past since I’m a .NET developer. The typical vibe is less awkward than you might think if you haven’t been to one. C’mon, it’s a bunch of nerds nerding out about nerd stuff – you’d be crazy not to think it would be awkward. The neat thing is that most of the people who attend are nice people who want to learn about .NET related topics, share their knowledge or experience, and get to know you as someone who shares interests.

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