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Here are my talks with upcoming first, then in order of most recent to oldest.

2020-10-04Getting Started with PythonPyCon India2:30Live Virtual
2020-10-03Getting Started with PythonTDevConf1:00Live Virtual
2020-08-21Don’t Screw Up the SQL!CodePaLOUsa1:00Live Virtual
2020-08-19Getting Started with PythonCodePaLOUsa3:00Live Virtual
2020-08-07Getting Started with PythonHarpeth Hall2:00Live Virtual
2020-07-25MapReduce in 10 MinutesPyOhio0:10Pre-Recorded
2020-03-07Getting Started with PythonPyTennessee1:15Live In-Person
2019-09-06Developers, Stop Working LateMusic City Tech1:00Live In-Person
2019-03-14SQL ScrewUpsNashville .NET User Group1:00Live In-Person
2018-07-12SQL ScrewUpsNashville .NET User Group0:10Live In-Person