Introducing Python Workshops!

If you have never written Python, you’re missing out! I’m typically a .NET developer, and I really appreciate the offerings from Microsoft (especially of late). I found myself, however, feeling a little restricted in my daily programming work. Thankfully, I needed to learn Python to successfully complete a project in Summer 2019. It’s not that Python is revolutionary (or maybe it is, but that’s not the point); I just needed different paradigms to exercise my brain.

It’s was so therapeutic for me that I wanted to share the language with others. I was not opposed to learning Python before, but I simply never had the need or the time to explore Python as a language. Once I acquired a need, I made the time.

This workshop is a very basic introduction to programming, integrated development environments, and Python. I have facilitated this workshop at tech conferences and high schools around the world.

This workshop is so popular that I am proud to announce a new stand-alone version of it!

Evan Smith

If you’re looking for workshop resources, head on over to the dedicated Python Workshop page. There, you’ll find links to resources, slides, source code, and anything else I find useful in the future.

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