The Planning Process

The planning process is a structured approach used to identify, define, and prioritize the goals, objectives, strategies, and actions necessary to achieve a desired outcome.


  1. Defining the problem or opportunity: In this step, you identify the issue or opportunity that requires attention. This can involve analyzing data, conducting research, or consulting with stakeholders to understand the problem or opportunity.
  2. Establishing goals and objectives: Once you have defined the problem or opportunity, you need to establish the goals and objectives that will guide your planning process. Goals are broad, long-term aims, while objectives are specific, measurable steps that will help achieve those goals.
  3. Developing strategies: Strategies are the broad approaches you will take to achieve your goals and objectives. They should be aligned with your goals and objectives and reflect the resources and constraints that you have.
  4. Identifying actions and tasks: Once you have established your strategies, you need to identify the specific actions and tasks that will be required to implement them. These should be broken down into manageable steps, with timelines and responsibilities assigned to each.
  5. Creating a timeline: A timeline is a schedule that outlines when each action or task will be completed. It helps ensure that everyone involved in the planning process is working towards the same deadlines.
  6. Allocating resources: In this step, you need to identify the resources that will be required to implement your plan. These can include personnel, finances, technology, equipment, and other resources.
  7. Monitoring and evaluation: Once your plan is in place, you need to monitor progress and evaluate its effectiveness. This will allow you to make adjustments and improvements as necessary to ensure that you are on track to achieve your goals.

The planning process is a dynamic process, and it may need to be revisited and revised as circumstances change. By following these steps, you can develop a robust plan that will help you achieve your goals and objectives.


Some people are natural planners. Others, not so much. If you need help with any or all steps of planning, a coach could be the answer.

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