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Rural Mesh WiFi: Part 2 – The Starlink Ethernet Adapter

I recently had the pleasure of designing and installing a network for a family member who lives in a rural part of the country. This experience has inspired me to share the details so that other may benefit from my research and learnings.

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The Problem

Starlink comes ready to install and use with WiFi out of the box. However, there are no ethernet ports on the Starlink router. Ethernet is the wired part of a network. This series is about WiFi networks, so why do you need ethernet? Ethernet is the backbone of a robust local area network (LAN). For large WiFi coverage areas, you will need multiple wireless access point that form a mesh network. Each of the wireless access points is connected to your network via ethernet.

The Solution

The Starlink ethernet adapter provides an ethernet port so you can utilize your Starlink connection as the uplink for your wired network. The adapter simply plugs into the Starlink router where the dish cable normally connects. Then, the dish cable is plugged into the ethernet adapter. Once you have the ethernet adapter installed, you can connect Starlink to your local network like you would connect any other internet service provider’s modem.

Where To Get It

The Starlink ethernet adapter is proprietary, so no other ethernet adapters will work. While there are listings for a Starlink ethernet adapter on reseller websites, the only official way to purchase one is through the Starlink store. You must log in to the Starlink store with your Starlink account credentials to purchase the ethernet adapter.

Alternatively, some enterprising resellers have listed the adapter for sale online.


If you missed our previous post on Starlink internet service, feel free to go back and read it. In our next post, we’ll look at the TP-Link Omada SDN and why it’s the right choice for network equipment in most cases.

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