SQL Screw-ups: Stored Procedure Misuse

This is a continuation of the SQL Screw-ups series that stemmed from my Nashville .NET User Group talk on 03/14/2019. Slides and setup details are on the first post in the series.

Imagine you’re starting a brand new project. You can make design decisions to mitigate all the issues you encountered in the legacy app you’ve been stuck working on. What a great opportunity! While the new project must integrate with the legacy app, none of the code has to match the legacy style.

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SQL Screw-ups: Scalar-Valued Functions

This is a continuation of the SQL Screw-ups series that stemmed from my Nashville .NET User Group talk on 03/14/2019. Slides and setup details are on the first post in the series.

Imagine you need to calculate the extended price for records in the Sales.SalesOrderDetail table. A simple way to get the extended price for an order line item is to multiple the order quantity by the unit price.

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SQL Screw-ups

I talked about SQL Screw-ups at the 03/14/2019 Nashville .NET User Group meeting. I really appreciate everyone who attended, and I hope you got something out of it. I’ll do a deep dive into each topic from the talk as a series of detailed posts so you can work through each screw-up on your own. I’ll also include feedback and tips I received during and after the talk.

Side note about the talk: It was a very rewarding experience and honestly an honor to speak at the user group meeting. The user group leadership does a great job, the sponsor is amazing, and the attendees are the absolute best. I learned how much I enjoy speaking to an engaged audience, and I learned a few things about SQL from the attendees, too!

This was a code demo talk, so the slides alone are not very beneficial. This post includes the the slides and setup details. I’ll post one deep dive per week, so subscribe to email updates if you are looking for more information on one of the screw-ups I talked about (you can always unsubscribe once you’ve been notified of the post).

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User Groups / Meet Ups

User groups and meetups are a great way to learn and network!

I’ve attended the Nashville .NET User Group meetings in the past since I’m a .NET developer. The typical vibe is less awkward than you might think if you haven’t been to one. C’mon, it’s a bunch of nerds nerding out about nerd stuff – you’d be crazy not to think it would be awkward. The neat thing is that most of the people who attend are nice people who want to learn about .NET related topics, share their knowledge or experience, and get to know you as someone who shares interests.

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